Meckiss Facial Cleanser with Bioecolia Balanced Skin Micro-ecology


​AET REMOULD Launches the Latest Rolex Daytona Modified Watch


JEOL: Lanciato il nuovo microscopio elettronico a scansione JSM-IT700HR


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Never gave up holding new lives in her arms for a decade

For a decade, from warm spring to cold winter, no matter it is in the day or at night, the midwife Zhang Baiyi is always on call to deal with the maternity emergencies. In the delivery room, she generously devoted her youthful enthusiasm in excellently helping complete the relay of life again and again. Every time she holds the life in her arms, she wishes nothing but “safety for the mother and he

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Celartics Biopharma's dendritic cell-based vaccine against COVID-19 infection found to efficiently produce viral antigen-specific T lymphocytes

Results from ongoing study suggest the major role of Celartics' Cov-DCVax in preventing viral infection of COVID-19 and in controlling progression of the virus-associated diseasesBeijing, May 22, 2020, Celartics Biopharma announced today the filing of a patent application covering a novel dendritic cell (DC)-based vaccine, Cov-DCVax, to fight viral infection of COVID-19. The results, led by Celart

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China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Frade Zone Welcomes Global Investors!

Jun 6, the 2020 Online Investment Promotion and Contract Signing of China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone is launched in Nanning, Guangxi. The online promotion activity has invited chambers of commerce and business representatives, building a platform for global investors from all walks of life to realize the seamless connection with Guangxi pilot free trade zone.

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The three-in-one Tinanik sunscreen innovates sun-proof, whitening and anti-aging

As everyone knows, sunscreen has a very important position in the skin-care industry. It can not only prevent sunburn, but also play an important role in reducing the incidence rate of skin cancer. With the improvement of people’ s requirements for sunscreen, single sunscreen efficacy can not meet the needs of consumers. Nowadays, women proposed new requirements, like refuse sunburn, whitening and


Le borse VACCINO.Co iniziano a viaggiare in Europa

A partire dall'1 ottobre VACCINO.Co utilizza HERMES Le borse rifatte di Tessuti D'arredamento hanno ufficialmente iniziato il loro tour europeo. Sarà esposto a Le Reve de Naim Roma, 8 HOTEL Protofino, The Ritz-Carlton Paris, Casino de Monte-Carlo e molti degli hotel più famosi d'Europa.


Lanciati in Cina viaggi combinati aereo-ferroviari

China Eastern Airlines e China State Railway Group hanno lanciato un nuovissimo servizio congiunto basato sulla connettività tra i loro sistemi di biglietteria, consentendo ai passeggeri di acquistare biglietti per viaggi combinati aereo-ferrovia sul app mobile di entrambe le società.


ExaGrid vince i premi "Azienda dell'anno" e "Prodotto hardware dell'anno"

ExaGrid®, l'unica soluzione di storage per il backup tiered di settore, oggi ha anunciato che l'azienda ha conquistato il premio "Azienda dell'anno" alla cerimonia annuale organizzata virtualmente da Network Computing a Londra il 2 ottobre 2020. Il modello EX63000E dell'azienda, inoltre, è stato votato come "Prodotto hardware dell'anno".


Beijing, the city of opportunity, embraces the best innovative talent

On September 6th, the report of "City of Opportunity 2020" , one of the major achievements of China International Fair for Trade in Service, was jointly released by PwC and China Development Research Foundation. It shows that Beijing ranks first with regard to "intellectual capital & innovation, and economic influence", makes it to the top three with regard to "technology maturity, culture, and li


KRIS makes my life worry-free

My name is Ronal Olek. I used to be a construction worker. I am exposed to the wind and sun every day, relying on a meager income to support my family.


Yutong Holds Online Live-Show to Decode 5G-Enabled Intelligent Mobility for Global Viewers

On September 8 2020, Yutong officially unveiled its 5G-enabled intelligent mobility solution at its namesake launching ceremony. One day later, at 6pm on September 9, Yutong brought intelligent technologies in a live-show on SNS. Yutong showcased its 5G-enabled intelligent mobility solution and unveiled a series of intelligent IoT technologies on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Yutong’s internatio

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